Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Confessions of a wannabe Blogger- This is a New Beginning

I think it all started with a day of complete idleness, a foiled plan to visit my friends inWashington DC, a missed bus and an hour long wait for pizza that tasted like pieces of cardboard.

It did not take me long to type ‘BlogSpot’ and look for motivation. After all, the idea had been in the back of my mind forever almost- bubbling and frothing, feeding itself on my thoughts-growing each day, to the point where it threatened to tear out of my mind. So I am letting it spill out, hoping it can take the shape of words, praying I can do justice to my own thoughts! For an eternity, I had been toying with the idea of blogging. Every time, I backed out, scared of if people would read it, like it, shun it and what not. I did a first half hearted attempt that went down an abyss so deep, I couldn’t bring it back.

So what is different this time? Maybe I am more mature now, maybe I know more about the world, or the fact that I have an opinion on more stuff than I could ever imagine! But I believe it’s the fact that I don’t really care if anyone reads it now! Sigh! I know a lot of people say that. And I also know that it may not be long before I catch myself thinking before writing- what do people want to read?? But till the time I read that break point, I will try to make my blog as earnest as it gets!

Thus, here I am- an amateur blogger at the most, clueless what about I want to say to the world, undecided on ‘type’ of blog I want to have. I mean I really don’t want to typecast my blog, but then most that I read online are- technical, business related, personal et al.

I think this will just be a peek into my universe, my corner in the virtual world, a hiding place for all my wishes and thoughts. Be it a happy occasion or a sad moment, a smile, a tear or a wish, I will put it all here. If you decide to stop by, I hope you find something that makes your day brighter, a scattered sentiment in my ramblings, which will make you smile!


  1. I never knew that u r such a profolic writer.Should I attribute it to 'TARA HALL'?
    Nevertheless, a wonderful writing - make wrting yur passion.I am delighted and proud as what I culd not achieve has been achieved by my motu.
    Papa [20/10/2009]

  2. You Photo is not clear.Please replace it with some good one.